MATERIEL 2007-2008

            Approved list of apparel and equipment for use at IPF sanctioned competitions.

Updated : 14th June 2007 Approved supportive equipment :

Only costumes, support shirts and wraps from commercial manufacturers officially registered and approved by the Technical Committee shall be permitted for use in Powerlifting Competitions. This applies to all championships and records, from Local to World.

Only bars and plates, squat racks, bench racks and benches from commercial manufacturers officially registered and approved by the Technical Committee shall be permitted for use in World , Regional and Continental Championships. The setting of World Records must be made with Bars and Discs featured on this list.


"Champion Suit"
"Hard Core Suit"
"TRX" Squat Suit
"Megathrust" Squat Suit
"MAX DL" Deadlift suit
"Fusion" Deadlift suit
"XDL" Deadlift suit
"Iron Wraps A and Z"
"Erector Shirt"
"Sleeveless Erector Shirt"
"Heavy Duty Erector Shirt"
"Sleeveless Heavy Duty Erector Shirt"
"Blast Shirt"
"Heavy Duty Blast Shirt (HD)"
"High Performance Heavy Duty Blast Shirt (HPHD)"
"Extra High Performance Heavy Duty Blast Shirt (EHPHD)"
"Phenom shirt"
"The Wrath bench shirt"
"The Rage bench shirt"
"Rage-X bench shirt"
"XB bench shirt"
"BOLT bench shirt"


"Squat Suits
"Centurion Suits"
"Red Devil" wraps
"Signature Gold" wraps
"Titanium" wraps
"Deadlift Suit"
"Titan Fury Shirts"
"Knee Wraps T.H.P."
"Wrist Wraps T.H.P."
"F6 Tornado Shirt"
"Fury NXG Plus SHP Bench Shirt"
"Katana Shirts"


"Metal Squatter"
"Metal Viking Squatter"
"Metal Squatter v-type"
"Metal Viking Squatter v-type"
"Metal Bencher"
"Metal Viking Bencher"
"Metal Viking Bencher X Type"
"Metal Viking Presser"
"Metal Presser"
"Metal Deadlifter"
"Metal Viking Deadlifter"
"Metal Blackline Wraps"
"Metal Black Wraps"
"Metal Triple Blackline Wraps"


"Power Bench Press Shirt"
"Mega Power Bench Press Shirt"
"Power Suit"
"Genesis Power Suit"
"Genesis Deadlift Suit"
"Shirt cx1 and cx2 (single ply)"
"Costume cx1 and cx2 (single ply)"
"cx1 power Wrap"
"cx1 power Wrist Wrap"
"Genesis Power Wrap"
"Genesis Power Wrist Wrap"
“Redline Power Wrap”
“Redline Power Wrist Wrap”


"Murphy Bench Shirt"
“APT’s Pro Wrist Straps”
“ZRV – Pro Wraps Wrist and Knees”

Approved bar, plates and racks:


Bench/Squat Racks
IVANKO: P/L bars and discs
LEOKO: P/L bars and discs
ELEIKO: All equipment of Eleiko is approved, included bars and discs.
P/L Bars and Discs " Bench/Squat Racks "
UESAKA: P/L bars and discs
METAL: METAL Viking Powerlifting Rack

Approved logos:

Allsize Denmark
House of Pain
Power-House Japan

Quest Nutrition USA

GNC Pro Performance
Under armour

(The logo fee costs €250 each Year)

The user of this powerlifting equipment for himself and his heirs, release the IPF, its representatives, agents, and affiliates from any and all liability arising from the use of this equipment. Further, the user agrees to use this equipment as recommended. Failure to do so voids all responsibility and liability of the IPF, its agents, and affiliates, and the manufacturer of this equipment. Use of this equipment constitutes an agreement to these conditions.

Courtesy of:
John Stephenson, IPF Technical Committee Chairman
and Gaston Parage, IPF Treasurer.

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