l'occasion de la Coupe du Monde du Football 2010

                        For Fair Play

Lord God, may every team be competitive without being aggressive.
May every team strive to win their matches by fair means not foul.
May every country be patriotic without being partisan and discriminatory.
May we see your presence, O God, in the talents of the players and the enjoyment of the game.
May we see your hand in the management of the event.
May criminals be constrained by the efforts of those interested only in the game.
May the police and those responsible for protection and keeping order, be committed to their task.
May fan parks and stadiums be safe spots for all.
May alcohol, drugs, sexual abuse and exploitation be outlawed and prohibition enforced.
May respect for justice and right be practised.
May the spirit of the game, a spirit on integrity, fairness and right, prevail at all times.